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We are introducing varities of bengali hand made Tant Sarees to your doorstep through the web site. We are the manufacturer of handloom sarees and we are located at Fulia ,Santipur (a place in west Bengal which is famous for Handloom Tant Sareees) . Every year we manufacture varities of sarees with new design and with new color combination and now we trending to new concept so that new generation will like Bengali Tant Sarees and it will fulfill their fashion need.


Bengali Handloom tant sarees are handy for every type of occasion.Bengali handloom Sarees are bright and striking in colour . Bengali cotton ,tosor or slik sarees are commonly called Tant sarees. Its hand woven (now hand woven with help of machine driven design), having bright colours, modern concept of design with decorative borders have depicted sensational look and thrilling appearance within tant sarees. Bengali weaver had started making such extraordinarily good tant sarees some two hundred years ago .

Over the years, the distinctive patterns have merged as weavers started experimenting with different combinations of design and yarn as a result of these experiment bengali handloom industries were able to deliver fascinating,flattering,sizzling or appealing Tangail, Dhakai Jamdani, Banarasi, Dhonekhali, Baluchari etc sarees. Bengali tant Sarees have attractive trendy colors, designs, embroideries and fabrics which will be exactly matching up your personality.


Our team strongly supports in the fulfillment of desired organizational goals and targets. We are backed by dedicated and assiduous personnel, who meticulously scan and evaluate market trends in order to follow an effective plan of action.

Owing to the efforts of our personnel, we have attained long lasting success and growth in this competitive sector.We are recognized organization that is well known for its quality standards in the market. We do not surrender ourselves in case of quality as we believe in customer satisfaction. We make use of best quality raw material in order to manufacture matchless sarees.

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